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Alyson Doolan

Veterinary Nurse

Alyson’s love of animals began at a very young age all thanks to her Mum. They were well known as the family who would take in all the waifs and strays, including Sammy the tortoise, Tuesday the ex-battery hen and Friday the black Labrador, just to name a few (the less said about the names the better). Let’s just say that coming home from school was always filled with excitement at the prospect of a new addition. No matter how large or small the pets, they were all a huge part of the family and so Alyson’s career in veterinary nursing was forged.

Alyson started working at the Shore Veterinary Centre in 1993 as a fresh faced school leaver (how things change). She was eager to learn, yet daunted by what lay ahead but soon found her feet and enjoyed the varied ‘hands on’ experiences which often spilled over into her home life with more than the occasional poorly creature finding residence at the side of her bed for night time feeds or medication. Some things never change! Alyson attended Edinburgh’s Telford College as a block release student and stayed at their halls of residence. She qualified in 2000, a day she will never forget (nor will the neighbours due to Alyson’s screams of delight).

Alyson’s little family includes her husband and young son. They currently have no pets, having recently lost their elderly cat, Basil (otherwise known as Mr. B). Basil was a truly lovely boy at home but a demon to handle in work, which Alyson attributes to his strength of character and nothing to do with being spoiled rotten. All she can say is, “watch this space”!

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Photo of  Alyson  Doolan

Jill Blair

Veterinary Nursing Assistant

Jill knew she loved and wanted to care for animals as soon as she got her first hamster, then tortoise, budgie and dog! At the age of 19, she realised her ambition by joining her very first veterinary practice. Now, lots of years and 2 children later, having enjoyed caring for many, many client’s pets as she would her own, Jill still enjoys her work as much as she did that very first day.

Over time, she has built up her own menagerie of animal companions, which includes 2 dogs, 2 cats, a snake, 2 bearded dragons and her newest arrival: Bertie, a wonderful guinea pig found under a bush by a client’s dog! Even with all these animals, Jill still finds time for her newest challenge, golf, as well as long walks with the dogs, Hugo and Ruby, and playtime with “her boys”, the cats: Gizmo and Elmo.

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Photo of  Jill  Blair

Rosie Buchanan

Veterinary Nurse

Rosie was the animal mad person in her family, so she was absolutely delighted to be offered a job as a trainee veterinary nurse by a local practice when she left school. After the initial interview, she was informed that she was to return the next day and observe an operation to make sure that she would be able to cope with that side of things. She spent the whole night unable to sleep, terrified that she would faint or really not like what was going on. The patient that day was an elderly sheltie with a large testicular tumour. The vet explained that surgery was the only option for this little man. Rosie stood in the theatre that day and watched the surgery; it was so interesting that all of her previous thoughts of fainting, or worse, disappeared. Watching the patient’s relieved and happy owner collect him that night is something that has always stuck in Rosie’s memory and she knew then that she wanted to be a veterinary nurse.

Rosie qualified as veterinary nurse in 1988. She stayed at her first practice for 7 years and left there to work at the Shore Veterinary Centre in 1992, where she has worked ever since. She lives locally and she and her human family are lucky to share their home with 2 moggies, Leo and Pickle, George the guinea pig and Luna, AKA “Looney” the very naughty but very lovely Italian Spinone puppy.

Rosie feels very lucky to have been a veterinary nurse for the past 27 years. Not many people get paid to do a job that they love. As a pet owner, she understands the stress and worry when your pet becomes unwell. She knows how she would like her pets looked after and makes sure that is how her patients are looked after.

When she’s not working, Rosie usually spends her spare time cleaning (see big slobbery dogs) and walking around Inverclyde trying to get her dogs to behave!

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Photo of  Rosie  Buchanan