Welcome Emma

We would like to welcome¬† Emma Davidson, our new Veterinary Nurse, to the practice. Emma studied at Barony College in Dumfries, and worked at a training practice in Glasgow before … Read More »

Guy Fawkes Night

Just a reminder to all of you with dogs frightened by the sound of fireworks to be prepared as soon as possible this month. Most of the recognised management regimes … Read More »

Cage Training Puppies

Cage training your dog is a safe and humane way to confine your pet and prevent unwanted behaviours while you are unable to supervise your pet. Properly cage training your … Read More »

High Blood Pressure in Cats

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a common condition in older cats suffering from kidney disease, hyperthyroidism and various heart diseases. These are the three most common causes of hypertension … Read More »

New Balls Please

With Wimbledon upon us it seems an appropriate time to remind dog owners to avoid throwing tennis balls for their pets to chase. If played with on a sandy surface … Read More »