The internet is a wealth of information – so much so that sometimes locating quality websites can be challenging. That’s why our staff has taken the time to find a few links to share with you that we think you’ll find helpful:


DentalVets has been providing high quality, dedicated dental and oral surgical referral services for companion animals and exotic zoo species since 1988. On this website, visitors can all the information needed, whether they are a client bringing a pet for treatment or a veterinary surgeon requiring help or advice with a case. Their aim is to treat all animal companions as if they were their own and to provide pet owners with practical advice to help make an informed decision in regards oral healthcare and treatment for their pets.

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International Cat Care

International Cat Care is a charity passionate about improving the care of all cats. For over 50 years, they have been raising the standard of treatment and care provided to cats by veterinary surgeons, boarding cattery operators, those involved in rescue work, breeders and, of course, cat owners by providing the best information possible. Visit the website to learn more about the important work this organization does and how you can support it, as well as access to a broad range of cat care resources.

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University of Glasgow, School of Veterinary Medicine

The University of Glasgow’s School of Veterinary Medicine is preeminent in teaching, research and clinical provision, and attracts students, researchers and clinicians from around the world. The internationally accredited school provides an expert referral centre for animal owners and referring practitioners throughout the UK. Learn more about the school by visiting the website.


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The Dermatology Referral Service

The Dermatology Referral Service is a veterinary practice based in Glasgow with a branch in Aberdeen that is solely dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of skin and ear disease in pets and other animal species. While your first port of call if your pet has a skin or ear problem should always be your family vet, in some cases which are more complex or long standing, your vet may recommend a referral to a specialist practice such as ourselves for more detailed investigation and a full discussion of treatment options.

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Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS)

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) registers veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses to practise in the UK, and regulates their educational, ethical and clinical standards. Their aim is to safeguard the health and welfare of animals under veterinary care, protect the interests of those dependent on animals and assure public health and safety. Visit the RCVS website to learn more about our role, meet RCVS Council, read meeting papers and find out about their history and legal footing.

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