Pet Health Club

At the Shore Veterinary Centre, we truly believe that when it comes to keeping our pets healthy, prevention is always the best medicine. By being proactive about your companion’s health care, you can add years to his or her life and improve the quality of that life exponentially. We also believe that keeping your pet healthy should be easy and affordable. That’s why we’ve set up the Pet Health Club to provide comprehensive cover designed to assist your pet through each life stage, improving the chances that he or she will enjoy a long, healthy life by your side.

Our Pet Health Club makes keeping up with your companion’s ongoing wellness care simple while ensuring that all of his or her necessary vaccinations and parasite prevention protocols are up to date, and that regular checkups are scheduled accordingly. You save time, money and aggravation and your pet receives the quality ongoing health care needed to enjoy a lifetime of good health.

It’s important to note that the Pet Health Club is not insurance. Rather, these pre-packaged plans provide access to many of the things that insurance typically does not cover, such as vaccines, flea, worm and other parasite treatments, routine health checks and veterinary advice for keeping your animal companion happy and healthy. Additional benefits include other treatments and procedures your pet might need. Pet Health Club is also designed to address the changing health care needs of your pet as he or she ages, from puppy and kitten wellness to specialized care for senior animals, and all of the years in between.

Our comprehensive wellness care plans are available for dogs, cats or rabbits and can be paid for through a simple monthly Direct Debit, which allows you to spread the cost of veterinary care over time. You’ll no longer need to worry about paying each time you visit and you’ll save money! Most importantly, you’ll get the reassurance of knowing that you are providing the best possible protection and care for the pet you love.

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